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By jewishlink

Luxury Hotel and Residences in Jerusalem

There are 17,000 hotel rooms in Jerusalem—more than Tel Aviv or Eilat, and with a higher occupancy rate. Does Jerusalem need any more rooms? Is it similar to opening a falafel stand next to a falafel stand? If your product is better than your competition, then yes, and the Theatron Hotel and MGallery Residences is significantly better than its competitors.

The luxury hotel in Jerusalem is beautifully designed and located across the street from the Jerusalem Theater on Chopin Street. It consists of both an exclusive boutique hotel and a series of impressive residential apartments.

The name Theatron (pronounced tay-ah-trohn), means “theater” in Hebrew, and was chosen due to its proximity to the Jerusalem Theater. The hotel is planning to display the creations of artists featured in the Jerusalem Theater galleries and from the nearby Hansen Arts and Lifestyle complex, thus creating an authentic connection between local artisans, artists and the Theatron.

For those looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of the downtown Jerusalem corridor, the Theatron Hotel is certainly one of the best options available. It is less than a mile away from the Ben Yehuda Midrachov/Pedestrian Mall or the First Station/Emek Refaim area. The hotel allows guests to enjoy Jerusalem more like a resident in one of the most charming, appealing and quiet neighborhoods.