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The Spa by Clarins is a calming oasis open to hotel guests and the public seeking mindfulness and relaxation. Spa guests are invited to indulge in the world-renowned Clarins skincare therapy and holistic massage treatments, using the high-performance, plant-based formula dating back to Jacques Courtin-Clarins’ first Institut de Beauté in 1954.

The exquisite single and double treatment rooms are thoughtfully designed to provide a rejuvenating escape for the mind and body. After a treatment, guests can unwind in the lounge with tea and soothing music, creating the ultimate pampering experience.

To enhance the spa experience, guests are invited to enjoy the indoor heated pool, fitness center, yoga studio, and men’s / women’s dry sauna.

מלון התיאטרון - theatron hotel spa

Take a moment to reconnect with yourself and the spiritual essence of Jerusalem.

Let us focus on your wellbeing.

All Clarins Treatments begin with Clarins Signature Awakening the Senses, to optimize Treatment benefits and promote deep relaxation. They finish with a rub using Eau Dynamisante or Eau Ressourçante Treatment Fragrance.

מלון התיאטרון - theatron hotel spa
מלון התיאטרון - theatron hotel

60 MIN / 450 NIS

Customized to meet the skin’s specific needs – anti-aging, hydration, radiance – this complete treatment for the Face, décolleté, neck, and shoulders combines Clarins’ 100% manual technique with expert formulas enriched with plant extracts. Alternating pressure is applied to firm the skin, visibly reducing wrinkles and fine lines and smoothing facial features. The results are visible, immediate, and long-lasting. The face is firmer and the complexion more luminous.

Clarins at-home skincare: Double Serum and an adapted Day Cream

מלון התיאטרון - theatron hotel

60 MIN / 450 NIS

This treatment with essential oils combines Clarins’ unique savoir-faire with an ancestral Ayurvedic method to fully benefit from the multiple benefits of plants. After a personalized evaluation to identify areas of tension in the face, the beauty therapist carries out the Ayuroma touch, a unique technique that revives complexion radiance, revitalizes the skin, and delights all the senses.

Clarins at-home skin care: Plant Gold

מלון התיאטרון - theatron hotel spa

30 MIN / 280 NIS

This treatment instantly restores a healthy glow to tired and dull complexions. The perfect synergy between an expert technique and radiance-boosting formulas helps to refresh the features, energize, moisturize, and soften skin to leave it more beautiful, more luminous. You look simply radiant!

Clarins at-home skincare: Beauty Flash Balm

מלון התיאטרון - theatron hotel spa

60 / 90 MIN / 430 / 640 NIS

A Clarins massage designed for women and men with muscle tension, who are looking for a moment of total escape. It uses relax treatment oil to relax the body and mind, or tonic treatment oil to stimulate them: alternating pressure is applied, customized to your needs and desires, to slowly release deep tension and restore energies, while the fragrance of essential oils brings a feeling of total well-being.

Clarins at-home skincare: Relax Treatment Oil and Tonic Treatment Oil

מלון התיאטרון - theatron hotel spa

60 MIN / 430 NIS

The treatment for a youthful body. Personalized evaluation.

In the expert hands of the beauty therapist, the draining techniques of this Treatment follow the physiology of the body and its natural curves. A more harmonious silhouette is revealed. Body contours are redefined, your skin is more supple, softer, smoother, and firmer.

Clarins at-home bodycare: Tonic Treatment Oil

מלון התיאטרון - theatron hotel spa

30 MIN / 250 NIS

This knot-fighting massage is ideal for eliminating any stiffness or soreness, it relieves tensions and releases energy from the upper back. A feeling of well-being lasts for hours, well beyond the treatment

מלון התיאטרון - theatron hotel spa

90 / 120 MIN / 640 / 850 NIS

An exclusive treatment!

This unique treatment allows you to disconnect from the outside world and refocus on yourself. with the power of plants and Clarins treatment oils. You experience total and deep relaxation thanks to a massage that releases muscle tension, relaxes the body and restores energy. This journey will take you to the deep heart of Clarins Touch, you can see and feel the benefits of the Treatment : skin is soft and more beautiful.

מלון התיאטרון - theatron hotel spa

"Taking time for a facial or body Treatment is no longer a luxury but a necessity in modern life."

Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins, Clarins Executive Director

מלון התיאטרון - theatron hotel spa
The Story of Clarins

It all began in the first Clarins Institute on rue Tronchet, Paris. It was 1954 when Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened this pioneering establishment where he presented his holistic vision of beauty: beauty, well-being, and health are one and the same. Here he encouraged dialogue with his clients. Very happy with the tailor-made solutions offered at his Institute, more and more clients came to “test” the Clarins technique and the first 100% plant extract Oils. The results, both immediate and long-lasting, were there. And with them, success!

Clarins Spa Treatments embody the art of a professional, personalized touch, a unique savoir-faire practiced for over 65 years in our Beauty Institutes. They are also the exceptional combination of the power of plants and science which delivers effective, visible results on the skin while bringing well-being and balance.

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